Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As you may be aware from the previous post about some of those working for the Department Of Public Housing I have had to deal with them lately on behalf of my ex-husband who recently had another heavy stroke, his 2nd in six years.

Today I rang the Surry Hills, NSW, office of the Department of Housing to inform the Senior Service Officer, on her request the last time we actually met, that my ex was recovering and that I had now been into his flat to clean the mess of human excretion off the floor that was there as a result of his being slumped on the floor for five days after suffering the latest stroke. I mentioned that the carpet was badly stained and needed to be replaced, or at the least properly cleaned, as it was detrimental to a person’s health. And, I told her that the Fire Department had broken into his flat during the week to disconnect a fire alarm that was going off, most likely due to cockroaches getting into the device and chewing the wires which set it off, and that in doing so the Fire Department had broken the door frame whereby the new lock that was installed was now loose, although I did manage to tighten it a little, and therefore the door frame needed to be replaced and that while they were at it there was also cement rendering missing from alongside the front door in his the hallway exposing the brick structure underneath that also needed fixing which had been reported by my ex some 3 years back but still nothing had been done to repair it.

I also mentioned that while I was washing up dirty dishes in the kitchen sink there was a surge of filthy clothes washing water that gurgled up into the sink obviously from blocked pipes that were connected to his unit from the laundry that sits below his unit.

For the giving of this information to that Senior Service Officer I was told:

a) They wouldn’t replace the carpet as they don’t do that until a tenant leaves the apartment and a new tenant is installed. They could arrange for a professional cleaner to come and clean it. Which is better than nothing. I would do that however I don’t have the equipment to do such a job and even if I did I don’t have a car to be able to get the cleaner to his flat nor do I have the money to pay for a taxi or any other means of transport.

b) And, I would have to be available to go to his flat when workmen were scheduled to go there to do the work as I have the keys, which is fair enough if they give me time to walk to his place to open it for them.

c) BUT there was nothing they could do about the filthy water surging up the pipes from the laundry into his kitchen sink as it's NOT A PRIORITY unless it happens to another tenant and they have received more complaints.

At point c) above I said, and asked her:

‘Not a priority! Would you like it if you were washing your fruit and vegetables or washing up your dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and suddenly the sink was full of filthy water surging up the pipes into the sink? Would you like it if it was happening to you?’

Her reply: ‘Chris, don’t talk to me like that, okay, or I won’t do anything, ok!

I couldn’t believe my ears. All I did was ask her a valid question. All she could do was take offence and try to intimidate me by being condescending in her reply.

My reply back to her after that outburst of rudeness was:

‘Well, I guess it’s as my mother said, I have a heart and a conscience as I do care about people’s health, where as you obviously don’t’.

Nothing more was said as I then hung up on her rudeness. I really don’t need to deal with these types of people. And, if needs be I will take my dealings with these types of people to the top governing positions.

What is it with these public servants who seem to have forgotten what their position entails: SERVING THE PUBLIC!!!!

This country use to have wonderful public servants in it once but over the decades they have been replaced with a lot of imported rude peasants, or those people born of the lucky ones who were allowed entry into this country whose off-spring have become extremely up their own asses thinking they are better than those old Australians who have been here all their life, paid their taxes for such services and worked most of their life to build this country up to what it has become.

These imports also seem to think that most of us old Australians are descendants of convicts. WRONG!!!

I was born here due to one of my 4th great grandfather’s being the first Surveyor General of NSW. Another, my 2nd great grandfather, was a free settler who came here in 1856 with his wife and mother from the UK. He was a first cousin of the then King of Great Britain, from my father’s male line of Welsh descendants who have been cousin’s to the British Royal Families since the days of Henry VII.

So no, we don’t all come from convict blood. And besides what would be wrong with that if we did all come from convict ancestors.

Most of the convicts sent here back in those early days were sent here for simply stealing a slice of bread to feed their starving children or some other silly misdemeanor committed in those times in England due to the terrible conditions in the UK at those times, and also because the governing bodies, the Monarchies in those days, wanted to settle this country and knew they wouldn’t get people willingly leaving the UK for such far away lands as Australia therefore the only way to get settlers here were on charges of ridiculous misdemeanors due to the poverty in the UK at those times, which saw them transported here. Those that were charged with such ridiculous misdemeanors had no choice.

These new immigrants, and their children, who come into Australia really need to learn the history of Australia and it’s people. And come down out of the darkness of being up their backsides.

Sad to say this country has, as my father use to say: GONE TO THE DOGS!!

Public servants (along with others who immigrated here and their children, born here or not) need to learn that as a public servant, being paid from the taxes of the people, that they are in their positions to:


Not try to intimidate, or be condescending to the public

But merely to:


And it they can’t do that then they should find another job … or better still … go back to where they, and their ancestors, came from with their peasant attitudes, rudeness and non-caring ways.