Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just finished watching a show on television about the Spanish Inquisition and have to say I was totally disgusted at what I was learning via that show which was in my view that the Inquisition was just pure evil run by an evil organization of thieves and murderers.

How can Rome – the Church to be precise – back in those days make the Inquisitor Pedro a Saint when he wasn’t even following the Laws of God namely: ‘Thou shall not kill’?

He put people to death purely because they had different opinions of belief of those wanting to run and have control over others. Surely that is a sign of insanity in itself. It’s a mental illness of the highest degree to want to torture anyone let alone because their views on their God differed from another regardless of who that other is: a king, queen or pope, big thrill, who the hell do they think they are that they have the God given right to torture people who don’t see things the way they do. Once again it’s a form of mental illness wanting domination over another.

And what was the perverted bullshit of examining men to see if they were circumcised? Oh I know it was to see if they were Jewish or Christian but my question is what’s the condition of a man’s penis got to do with religion anyway? In my view: nothing!!

Then there was the priest who is an historian researcher for the present day Vatican who said it was legally justified in those days. I would like to ask who legally justified torture as it certainly wasn’t legally justified by God since one of God’s Laws is Thou shall not kill. And it certainly isn’t Christian since one of the teachings of Jesus was Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself. And lets not forget the other wisdom of the good book that goes: As you give so shall you receive. Is that how those barbaric people wanted to be loved, by torture? What were they, masochists? They gave it out in the first instance so they have to receive it back if not in their day of then in their eternal ones to come as once an action has been embedded into a person’s line of energy it has to return eventually since that energy is kinetic, which is a force unto itself or in other words as it gives out it receives back. Obviously they didn’t (and seems to me they still don’t) know too much about the words they were preaching. Torture is and should not be legally justified for any reason whatsoever, it is just pure barbarism inflicted by barbaric people no matter who they are or think they are.

And how dare they say it was in the name of Christianity, which is based on love not hate and therefore is not based on inflicting such atrocities as torture. All sacrifices mentioned in the Bible and Koran and other religious books written via spirit channeling are of a spiritual nature not a physical nature since most writings in religious books were channeled via spirit. And sacrifices in the spiritual realms do not include torture. It simply means being sacrificed (sent) from a higher dimension to a lower one for reasons known only to God and the one/s being sent who sacrifice a moment of their eternal life from their heavenly (higher) homes to come to this lower degree of dimension.

All I got out of watching that show was what a bunch of insane barbaric cruel idiots those Inquisitors and those running it - the Church - were in those days who were enforcing – a mental illness in itself – their ways upon others who were innocently going about their life not hurting anyone. I would say that the Church has got a lot to answer for in the eyes of God. They obviously don’t know what God is, or have seen God, or have witnessed what God is about but I can say right here and now, God is not about torturing, killing, harming or inflicting pain upon any child of God’s of which everyone having a physical experience called life is since everyone is an atom of God.

It is obvious to me that those who did such atrocities in the name of the Spanish Inquisition also did not know the process of life nor did they have a clue as to what they were setting up for themselves in their eternal lives to come which is not going to be too pleasant for them to have to endure, eternally, from what I saw in that television show.

As for Ferdinand and Isabella the reigning monarchs of those days well it is obvious that they too were lost in their egoic game of what they considered power to go along with establishing the crap they were dragged into all in the belief that the Inquisitors knew more about God than they themselves did. Sure showed me that none of them were in connection to God at all but were being led by their own physical ego, the old devil itself, from within their own twisted, warped minds. Their hearts were certainly not in it, which was easy to see as they showed absolutely no love for their neighbours.

In this dimension of this world there will never be a unified religion as God created 12 tribes and it is just up to each and everyone to understand and realize that and just accept others as your neighbours regardless of what their beliefs are. In actual fact it is none of anyone’s business what another’s beliefs are as the only one whose beliefs people have to believe in are their own!

That show also verified for me that those people who were a part of and involved in that Inquisition were nothing more than thieves and murderers in the fact that those innocent people couldn’t even keep their own gold, jewels or precious metals all of which were taken away from them by the thieves and murderers running the blood bath. A disgusting show of greed by the Inquisitors and all parties concerned and involved in the whole fiasco.


Just had to get all that out of my system as it angered me so very much watching that show of what those in so called power in those days did to others. I don’t like living with, or in, anger as they are not the best of vibrations to emit into the energy of this dimension of this world … and my vibrations can be extremely strong … I’d much prefer to emit the vibrations of love any day, it’s so much more pleasant all around.