Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gas Fracking Danger ...

If you don't know what gas fracking is then please watch the above video.

Years ago when I was a little girl I used to travel a lot outside of my body.  They call it astral travelling these days. And they talk about a silver chord that's still attached to the body during such an experience.  I call it having a spiritual experience of learning about life and the universe I'm living in and I only had the silver chord connection to my physical body for a few years while still in early learning.  When I understood the process of leaving the body more, then the silver chord didn't appear any longer. I got to learn what the door of death was about.

During these experiences I learnt about this planet Earth and how it functions in connection, and works in conjunction, with the natural elements of its environmental make-up. 

I also learnt about other spiritual realms too and learnt of the different energy and vibrations that other realms of life function with that are different to this planet Earth and not accessible in 'earthly human' body form.

If this gas fracking continues the damage it is doing to this planet will cause the end of this planet.

Now to be honest that would upset me, as this is a beautiful planet.  However I know I could cope with being in a new spiritual realm.  I'm not too sure if those that are causing this catastrophic apocalypse would be able to handle being 'blasted' out of this life if this planet blows up.

As I see it the blasts being done to extract the natural gas are leaving great gashes in the earth.  Splits in the substructure just under the surface of the earth and as such the gas can also escape into these 'splits/cracks' which over time won't close up but instead widen and split further in any direction from the veins caused by blasting.

As the veins expand - the rock structure cracks more - and bleeds gas into areas that gas should NOT be.  If gas gets into a vein that runs into a volcano cave then it would cause the volcano, or volcanos, to erupt.  Gas and fire - super high heat - creates explosion.  Not too mention the pressure that will be put on the tectonic plates which can also cause volcanic explosions if they seize up.

Not good if a few volcanos all start to go off at once as this earth could well then just blow up completely not to mention if those veins break through into the asthenosphere, the hot, plastic interior of the earth - a super big boom.... all thanks to the 'leaders' in this world.

And even though volcanoes emit gases (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine & fluroine) are they  
aware of the reaction this 'natural' gas has on volcanoes, or what type of gas it is apart from 'natural' which all gases are. Is it a gas that could cause volcanoes to emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

So I guess my only advice to people is to start praying from 'within' your self and connect with your spiritual self to learn what the 'process' of life is - by asking your spirit to teach you, with the grace of God.  It's not just having children thinking you will come back and live through them, after all that's a form of trespass against another.

I know some people do think like that as my own mother did telling me I had to live my life the way she wanted me too because when she dies she will have to live through me.  I was 14 at the time she said that and it sure scared the hell out of me because I, at the time thought, where was my spirit going to go once she invaded my space with her spirit so totally. She going to just throw me out of my own body (illusion).

She learnt that doesn't happen and although she is now dead, we still communicate psychically as we did when she was alive. We both experience ESP. And it doesn't stop once a loved one passes onto another realm.

My father, like my grandmother - his mother, just appeared to me as himself but as a spiritual apparition to give me a message of warning.

Yes, there's a lot more to life than most people have learnt to date but one thing I will say is that what you create in this world to be perceived as reality all comes from 'within' each and everyone - no exceptions.  Therefore the best thing to do is get your minds 'seeing' in the good direction.  Start visualising this world as being healed by the leaders by them stopping this harm presently being done to this world.

Do not put blame on them as they are as innocent as most others for as Jesus once said: 'Forgive them Father for they know not what they do'.

Heaven will only come to this world when the inhabitants of this planet learn how to project their desires correctly and it's not by placing blame or getting outraged - even though there is a reason to do so - as that just causes more anger which creates more negative energy and then you just get back more reasons for more anger as in: 'what you sow, so shall you reap'.


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