Friday, May 24, 2013

The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

Religion is the dogma written and believed by various organisations be it Christianity (Protestant and Catholicism), Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and any other chosen title of such organisations.  It is allowing yourself to believe in what the tenets are of the chosen organisation.  Such organisations recite and refer to the spirituality of life however they don’t actually teach the true meanings of their dogmas as they have just continued to restate what has been written over the centuries while not truly knowing the meanings of the words of wisdom they recite. It talks of death but does not understand the process of death. It talks of peace and yet does not live such actions and does not seem know how to attain peace even though it recites words such as those written in the Bible: ‘War begets war. Peace begets peace’. Religions also seem to show a lot of hypocrisy. A lot of wars over the eons have been acted out due to differences in the tenets of denominations.  Those into religion are trying to learn the process of life through the eyes and understanding of others – they are not being true to their self, they are being sheep led to the slaughter.  Competition between denominations causing death, destruction and confusion has often come from religious societies.

Spirituality is knowing through self-realization the connection of all and everything to the source of creation.  Such source is known as God, Great Spirit, Allah (pronounced ‘Allaw’) and many other names of human input over the eons. It is the coming to the inner awareness of self and that self’s connection to the source of God, being an atom thereof. It is allowing yourself the freedom of choice to choose your own beliefs and by doing so coming to understand the many words of wisdom written by masters over the centuries as well as learning wisdom’s of one’s own in words understandable to one’s self. It is acknowledging the lessons learnt from experience – good and bad - and thereby giving you the freedom to change your actions from bringing negative circumstances to your life replacing such circumstances with the positive outcomes that you desire with the responsibility of knowing the outcome from a spiritual point of view of the saying: ‘As you give so shall you receive’.  It is learning from within, and through experience, the process which takes away the fear from the door of death – the evolution into spiritual life, from where you originally passed from into this physical world and which is far more pure than the matter of the physical life. There is no hypocrisy in spirituality since all lessons come directly from the experiences of one’s self as an atom of God. Spirituality is knowing true freedom and what that means. It is learning the process of life through seeking to know and giving one’s self the freedom of choosing one’s own choice of tenets: beliefs, and ways of learning of such process of life from within one’s self connection to the source of life – God, the source energy, the Father/Mother of ‘everything and everyone’.

Love and peace comes from being spiritually aware and where true knowledge is learnt by seeking answers to question while maintaining spiritual connection with faith and belief.  It is not from being involved in any religion belonging to or started by another who stressed their opinions onto others in this physical world and by those who took on the creeds and dogmas of others as their own truths.  Some of those that still teach in all different denominations still do not know the true meanings behind words of wisdom written back in time and therefore do not teach those wise sayings as they should be taught – they just rattle them off by memory expecting others to come to the realisation of what such old sayings mean and quite often in this world today most get the ‘true’ meanings incorrect.

The true meaning of the word Religion means; to be in service to God by serving others (ie: helping others to greater understanding, feeding the hungry, giving to those in need, as such actions brings God’s worlds all throughout the Universe into greater harmony where peace can dwell for all in many different realms on many different levels).

The true Law of God is: Love they neighbour as thyself  (would you want yourself hacked to death, raped or hurt in anyway – NO you wouldn’t, so why would anyone want to do it to another whether it be in action of the deed or in their imagination or thought – particularly once they know the meaning of the following Law of the Universe).

One Law of the Universe: Cause and Effect.  People of this world need to really get to know what that Law means as it has a great effect upon your eternal life – your only true life of reality in spirit realms which you are still to experience that comes after the death of this physical experience.

ALL should remember regardless of their religious denomination and persuasion that they were born from spirit and they return to spirit after their physical experience in body has come to its end.  Some of us in human form at present know from where we came. It is time for those that don’t remember to wake up to themselves, open their hearts to what they are a part of and stop all the insidious actions going on in this physical world because if you don’t then there are repercussions that will come back against you when you pass from this world of the physical back to the realms of the spirit – that is part of the Law of Cause and Effect which all should learn if wanting a smooth, peaceful and loving transition as they move from one plane to another. Some old sayings that pertain to the Law of Cause and Effect are: ‘As you give so shall you receive’ and ‘As you sow so shall you reap’ and one that is terribly misunderstood in this world; ‘An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth’.  These Laws should be learnt otherwise transition from this physical world back into the spirit realms won’t be easy as there are repercussions for those that harm others – that is the price you pay for not learning such important lessons. 

This physical world is not just for letting down your hair, kicking up your heals and having fun.  First and foremost it is for educating those having a physical experience in this world of matter how to behave if they are to advance to the spiritual realms in the way they want and lessons don’t just begin and stop here in this physical realm as change if always taking place throughout the Universe and lessons are always taught no matter what level or degree of understanding you advance to on both higher and lower planes of existence.