Sunday, June 16, 2013

BALANCE (Spiritual lessons taught through dream states – early 1970’s)

I had a dream about a page of a blank book and there was a light line drawn down the middle of the page with a black spot at the bottom.  I did not understand that dream.

Later I had another dream and it was of a roadway.  The road was split down the middle with a line and I had to remain on that line otherwise I would go off balance.  It was like walking on a beam in gymnastics.  What I feel this dream was showing me that people all need to keep themselves in balance.

I feel that this world is going off balance due to too much destruction that is occurring.  Such destruction against one another has to cease otherwise the people of this world could cause the destruction of this planet by disintegration.  The negativity people are displaying through their actions, which includes thinking, and through what they say about, and to, others is having an effect on the balance of the energies of this world.  If some of the negativity does not stop the world may well go off balance not too mention totally of its ‘balanced’ course in the molecular structure of the Universe. 

Newton said "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". This is balance.  Thinking, having thoughts, is an action, therefore if someone somewhere in the world thinks a 'bad thought' but does not carry out that bad thought, it does not mean that 'bad thought' won't be carried out somewhere in the world by someone else.  It is an action that has been vibrated through 'thought' into the ethers in energy waves and it will have a reaction somewhere.  There will be victory for all if people were to learn the relevance of  'good thoughts' as well as realise that we are all connected to each other via the Great Spirit of life even though we stand independently.

It was also said "What goes up must come down".  That is also balance.  It is also the truth of physical, and spiritual, life experiences.

If there is too much destruction, too much waste, too many males or too many females, there should also be a balance of genders, too many poor, needy or homeless then these imbalances do have an effect on the energies of this planet.

If this planet gets off its course in the structure of the Universe due to too much negativity; greed, envy, sloth, anger, vanity, pride and jealousy - also known as the seven deadly sins which are bad energies, and not enough positivity; sharing, understanding. love, compassion which are good energies, then it may have an effect on the overall balance of the energies of the planet which would lead to destruction of the entire planet by shifting its atoms which could put the planet on a destructive course because the planet would be off its molecular line and therefore out of sync with this planet’s Universal structure, and would therefore cause not only chaos but disintegration.

The Governments of this day in this world should be taking more care of educating the people instead of trying to compete with one another for power and being involved in the childish games that the Governments of this World seem to indulge.  This planet is one of the youngest in this Universe and the humans inhabiting it still have to grow up but unless they take notice of what is happening in this world due to their actions they may not get the chance to grow up, to mature in the understanding of their spirituality which will result in their feeling loss, and lost, in their spiritual life to come.

At the time of the great floods, GOD told Noah to build a boat to house samples of every living member of the animal kingdom.  As is known the choice of each gender of animal was so that propagation could take place to renew the animal kingdom which includes humans, throughout the world once it was cleansed of the evil of those times, the negative forces, which is pretty well much the state that the world of this day is heading towards once again – negative chaos and destruction.

Uri Geller said in an interview with New Idea (circa. 1997) that he believed that we are near the end of the world.  He stated that he felt that there were asteroids and meteorites flitting around in the Universal Heavens.  As indeed there are but why was he thinking that? Was he too thinking that the world is going off balance?  Scientists have recently discovered that there is something happening in the ionosphere and that the earth is definitely getting on a course towards hitting one of these meteorites, which could blow this planet to smithereens. (Sunday Telegraph 5.4.98)

Everything in the Universe has its own line of course to follow and if one planet is moved from its course then it is possible that annihilation could eventuate.

If we look at what they teach in Physics and the building up of molecules, they all have a line.  All the molecules run by a line and if that molecule doesn't keep on that line, it could come into the path of another piece of matter on its molecular structure.  The Universe is made up of molecules, atoms etc too, just as all those occupying it, and it is made up of unknown forces not yet discovered by today’s scientists.  It is the humans on this planet that are creating this planet to get off its balance through the negativity that is vibrating from the people to the energy waves which surround and are in everything, including humans, on this planet.

There has to be an equalization of balance in the sense of good negative and good positive. If we look at colours of the spectrum the only two colours that are true are black and white.  They are truly significant as they are balanced.  They are opposites, just as night is balanced with day.

In my early twenties I had a dream whereby I was projected, as an embryo, into the ionosphere and I was looking down on the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.  They were in a triangular formation and were all joined by forms of energy waves flowing from one to the other.  Within this dream I saw the earth go slightly off its balance on its line and suddenly something collided with it and it blew up before my eyes.  I then woke up from that dream and knew that GOD was showing me, and probably many others, what was happening to this planet.  Maybe those people that walk around with signs saying "the end is nigh" also had such a dream, therefore to them the end of this planet has been shown.

I am not saying that I know how to go about fixing this planet but I do know that there are many energies within this Universe and the ionosphere within this wonderful creation that we are a part of as well as unknown forces and that those energies and forces are putting these thought patterns into my mind.  I am not the only person who is being shown these signs.  Uri Geller has publicly made a statement about his thoughts.  People walking around with signs have obviously been shown as well.

I feel that people really have to look within themselves including analysing their dream states and learn about their ‘true’ self as well as be honest not only with themselves but also others that come upon their path in life.  Who knows you may hold the answer to another’s questions on life.

Balance has really got to be brought to hand and it's got to be brought to hand by the 'powers that be' in this world – ALL the inhabitants of this world, not just people working in Government positions or dictators who think they know how the process of life operates when they’ve had no enlightening insights.

There has got to be equalization of what this world’s populace need.  We cannot have an over abundance of poor needy people that have nothing and a minority of the world's total population that are so wealthy that have everything - that is not balance.  It must be even.  Money is very nice but 'Greed is the root of all evil'.

We have all heard the fantastic insights of people such as Newton and Einstein but not really learned what they said.  What they were talking about was balance.  Even in the spectrum of colour there is balance.  We have balance with tertiary colours; blue, red, yellow, green.  They are all balanced.  Look at a sphere of the tertiary colours and see how they are actually put together.  Colour is actually all within itself; from blue and yellow you get green; from yellow and red you get orange etc, so it all mixes to make something within itself again, a new colour.  Even a rainbow has balance by the spectrum of its colours.

Humans cannot assume that what they 'think' does not go further.  If colour integrates within itself in the ethers of this world, to create a new colour, then so too do 'thoughts' integrate in the energies of this world to create the action of the thought - good or bad.  Look at a rainbow forming and see how it integrates within the energies of itself to create the colours that are projected as it forms. You can literally see the energies raising one colour from another; blue, followed by yellow which is projected as green above the first two colours as the energies lift the integrated created colour above the first two.  As the energies lift the colours into creation so to do energies move ‘thought’ emitted into the ethers by vibration to create the situations that we see as ‘physical’ reality – the phenomenon of being.

Friday, June 14, 2013

HISTORY OF WORDS (Channel Writing taken down 1965 at age 13 years)

All words have sound vibration along with meaning.  Some words can be broken down to indicate where their meanings originate e.g.:  LOVE; Loyalty OVirtue (goodness with consideration and appreciation of others) Eternally.

Words used by ancient and early civilisations, have significant inner meanings.

The Bible is the 'Word' of GOD and the sayings therein are written in metaphors, of which people have to come to understand in the correct meaning.  Such sayings are written in such a way for people to read again and again to learn the teachings of the sayings.  By reading them over time again the rules are embellished in one's mind and hopefully one will follow the laws therein for a greater understanding of life and particularly for the spiritual aspect of life, along with the Laws of GOD and the teachings of Jesus to be followed to attain the eternal life in spirit with good service to others; the Law of Love. 

Lessons are taken, and hopefully learnt, not only from the Bible or the Koran or any other such book but are mainly from experiences in physical life.  With faith, meaning connection to your higher spirit also known as the Holy Spirit, and belief in GOD – your source energy of which everything and everyone is an atom of - further spiritual lessons are learnt from ‘within’ one’s self through the spiritual connection. To ask Jesus or Mohammed or any other Master from within oneself for the understanding of the sayings in such books is also recommended as those great masters are still living in the higher spiritual realms and can and do hear your questions when they are applied with heart felt intention.  They will send an answer to your questions but it is up to you to listen for those answers with patience.  Sometimes answers don’t come in words internally either, they can come in signs outwardly expressed in the physical world and can even be given to you by complete strangers who may say something to you in passing when one has an in-depth feeling for a question that needs an answer. Pray to GOD, seek an answer and you are given an answer that satisfies your logical reasoning.  If, however, the answer given does not resonate to your reasoning then dismiss it as there are negative forces in spirit that have not yet learnt their lessons that can influence you in the wrong direction, or decision. The choice is yours as to the path you follow – good, or bad.  Good being constructive for progress of your spiritual learning and therefore advancement and bad being destructive to your spiritual learning resulting in non-advancement which could progress you to even lower realms instead of higher realms as good will reward you with advancement whereas bad won’t – you will be stuck in the lower realm until you learn better ways of thought.

Words are to be used carefully.  They are the result of translated thought.  If the thought is good and if one thinks before they speak with consideration for others then the words can be helpful to the advancement of another.  But it goes both ways.  If the thought is bad and if one does not think before they speak, or are totally ignorant, then the words are bad which could be an eruption point for violence, rudeness or offence.  This is also true for whatever is written as it states in Revolutions at the end of the bible: It Is As Is Written, doesn’t just mean the bible is as is written it also means whatever is written can, and will, eventually come to be as writing is an action which creates vibration and nature returns vibrations to the original point of creation as vibrations are seen as desires.  For proof of that fact you’ve only got to look at movies that have been written over the decades based on destruction and devastation and recall the destruction and devastation that has taken place in this world over the past few years.  All nature, which includes humans, works in conjunction.  It is the ‘As You Give So Shall You Receive’ metaphor so as you give out in energy you receive back in energy in like manner.  Give out destructive vibration in any form of action and that is what is received back.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

HISTORY OF MUSIC (Channel Writing taken down in 1966 at age 14 years)

Sound: Music, rhythm, is what we are in perpetual motion within the ethers of life.  It is a governing vibration of the Universe.  It is part of the mathematical equation of waves of energy and is what differentiates one animal from another including humankind.

When humans act, such as think, speak or any other action, they create vibration.  Some are attuned not to hear that music every time they speak and their thoughts come out in words.  It is vibration that lifts the spirit out of the physical body after death or during meditation or dream states.

The closest that most humans can hear of the music of the heavenly realms is through a musical instrument; a harp, piano, guitar etc., unless very enlightened and attuned to the universe through understanding with good deeds, faith and truth.  Faith meaning connection to their higher spirit that sits in the ethers above their ‘physical body’ and is contacted through the heart centre.  Bodily instruments create vibration when a human does any action; walks, talks, thinks and a myriad of other actions including movements towards others in deeds done, good or bad. 

Some animals demonstrate this when they get out of the way of an approaching human or other beast before the one approaching has come into their view, some can hear, and feel, from great distances the sound vibrations of another approaching.

Some humans say that when they lovingly kiss another they hear music.  Indeed they can.  It’s the vibration created when their energies connect and they are lifted slightly higher in their emotional state through the vibration created by the energy of love felt between their physical sensations – this is often true for those that have had a connection in other planes, realms of life, and are part of the same constructive purpose for their being.  Such sensations are also felt in the spiritual realms when those returned from physical experiences are in spiritual body however they do not need to kiss, or touch, to feel such sensations as their feelings are emitted as vibration to each other just as thoughts are emitted via telepathy.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HISTORY OF ART (Channel Writing taken down in 1965 at age 13 years)

We are all a piece of Art.  A living, breathing piece of Art although not art in its 'near' perfect state.  When one usually talks of Art they are referring to a painting, a sculpture, a writing etc.  However, people tend to overlook that they are a work of Art by the mere fact that they are a creation: a ‘physical being’. 

Humans tend to take it for granted that they are ‘just’ humans however the cathedrals of art inside each and every one is more precious than all the 'material' artworks of the ‘outside’ World.

Life is an art.  It’s certainly true that the 'art of life' is sometimes difficult.  It‘s as difficult or as easy as what each and every one wants to make it.  A plumber is an artist in that he knows the art of plumbing.  A builder is an artist in that he knows the art of building and so the list goes on. Everyone that does anything is doing it out of the ‘Art of Knowing’ about their chosen field, their chosen ‘purpose’ for the constructive progression of life, be it physical, or spiritual.

The art of knowing comes from the education of learning and the education of learning comes from the ability to connect to whatever degree of understanding that you are on the level of learning.

The art of understanding comes from the powers within each and everyone when they are connected to the Great Spirit from within their heart that dwells in the temple of their very being, the physical body of matter which is their flesh and blood body, as well as in their spiritual body of light.

Everyone is of equal ability to learn from within if they so choose and it does not cost a penny, cent, dime or any other monetary unit.  For as it is written; 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to get to heaven'.  That is because money cannot buy anyone's way into what human’s call ‘heaven’. This does not mean to say that if a man is rich he will never get to ‘heaven’ because if that rich man has remained spiritually connected to God by good service to God and thereby to others with truth, and faith by continued connection then he certainly will get to what he, or she, believes is ‘heaven’ if followed the rules, the Law of GOD.  This is equally true for the poor as ALL are equal in spirit regardless of colour, race and religious denomination, rich or poor.  God does not test on those ‘material’ matters.  Judgement is of the spirit, and character, alone.

Saturday, June 1, 2013



We all dream, whether during sleep or by day-dreaming during a boring school class, a recital or any other event of which we wished we were not at.

Some dismiss dreams as nothing but a play on the conscious mind.  However, to me, they are more than that.  Dreams are an area of 'inner sanction' for learning. They can be good or they can be bad (nightmares). They are our connection to the Great Spirit known as GOD among many other names. I find that if they are good then it is through my spirit connection of Faith with GOD, who leads me.  If they are bad then I usually find they are from myself, concocted from something I had thought about just before I went to sleep.  That is why the last thing I do at night, most of the time, is say a prayer.  I like to keep ‘faith’ connection to our Creator, GOD, as well as to my ancestors that dwell in the spirit realms.

I can hear the moans and groans now as people say 'not another religious nut'.  Firstly, let me say that I am not a 'religious nut'.  It is true, I do believe in GOD but I do not bombard everyone I meet with such devotion to my beliefs.  My motto is 'each to his own'.  Besides, the religion of this society seems to have lost its glory as it has become far too commercial for its own good or for that of others, which in itself may be a Blessing.  This is not to say that some people do not need it, for many do to show their form of what they believe to be ‘faith’.  What I don't like about religion today is that those organisations who propose to be 'good' seem to make an awful lot of money out of their followers and yet do not seem to put any of that money gathered from their followers to work to help those followers, or others, in need in any real constructive way for progress of the spirit within their followers. 

Sure some religious organisations give a percentage of their intake but it is usually only a small percentage whilst taking the majority of the profits to 'overly' enhance their own lifestyles and to be able to continue their showy pageantry in all it’s ‘pomp and grandeur’, at the expense of those who give over their hard earned cash.  An example of this was at a dinner party one night with one of the guests being a visiting Bishop from Vatican City.  As I sat next to this man at dinner listening to his stories of his lifestyle I was totally disgusted.  Firstly I thought that priests, especially those in the Vatican, did not drink, smoke or engage in sex.  Well this fellow certainly put me straight about that.  He enjoyed a lifestyle involving them all.  His holidays were taken in South America where he stayed in a Vatican supplied apartment along with his South American lover, or, in a Vatican supplied apartment in South France with his French lover.  I was absolutely flabbergasted.  Here I was a 28 years old woman who had always held such people in high regard for their way of life only to discover that I had been wrong about them all along. I was amused at first then that amusement grew to anger as I realised how little of people's money is actually given back to the people in their time of need as opposed to how much actually gets used to allow such rogues as this priest to have such an indulgent lifestyle at the expense of others.  Particularly with so many starving and homeless people in this World.  Now I’m not a Catholic so maybe those of that chosen denomination are forgiving of such behaviour from one of their own but I am a 'spiritual' human and do realise when wrongs are being done.  This man’s answer to his behaviour when I mentioned his hypocrisy of preaching one thing to his flock such as the sin of sex outside of marriage then doing it himself was that he was ‘only human’.  My thoughts at such an admission was he took a vow to be chaste and serve only God yet here he was servicing two women in opposite sides of the world.  Not only was he cheating God, he was cheating both women!   

Now I am fully aware that some will say 'but those in need still have to learn their lessons'.  This may be true but at the same time I will say; 'yes, and those in greed still have a lot to learn too'.

When I turn on the television or read a newspaper and see the plight of the millions in third world countries in need I generally turn off the television or fling the newspaper aside in disgust.

I had a man in my life once that asked me 'what would you do if I gave you a million dollars?'  I thought about his question and replied 'I would keep a quarter of it to buy a house to live in, invest a little and would give the remaining three quarters to the needy'.  He looked at me smiled and said 'then I shall give you not one dime of mine'.  I smiled and asked him 'why?'  He said 'if those people are in that situation it may be because they deserve that situation from something they have done in the past'.  I thought about what he had said for some time.  I didn’t know if what he said was right or wrong.  I do know that GOD is forgiving of past sin but I also knew what this man said was true to some degree.  I know that charity, being Love, was a far greater gift for humans to give than money.  I did feel annoyed however that the churches didn’t seem to give a hoot about these people as far as even feeding the hungry properly.  They may well have done something bad in the past to warrant where they were now placed in this incarnation but it was still a duty to GOD to be kind, generous and understanding to such people as a way to show them the good and right way to live.  Then maybe they will come to learn by their past errors.  As the saying goes; ‘love they neighbour as thyself’ because who knows one day we may end up having such an experience of a lesson to learn within another physical life if we are reborn, or if perchance we venture onto the wrong road in this physical life, or a repercussion of the wrongs done when we pass through the door of ‘physical’ death from this physical plane to a low spiritual realm of which will have to be faced and rectified before being able to advance into a higher spiritual realm for further lessons on the process of life.

As I grew up I realised what charity really means.  I had always thought of it as 'money' but in actuality it is more than mere money.  Charity as explained in the Webster’s Dictionary as; 'love, kindness, disposition to think kindly of others, practical kindliness, alms-giving.'   Alms-giving got me so I looked it up; 'gifts to the poor'.  Money does not even come into it.  Then I thought about it more.

I now know that if that man were to ask me again what I would do with a million dollars, I would answer differently.  I would now say 'I would keep a quarter of it to buy a house to live in, invest a little and I would keep the remaining three quarters in trust to help the needy' as I realised that the needy would not know what to do with money in such a way as to help themselves out of their dilemma.  The only way to help those people out of their dilemma is to educate them on how to live properly for they may well have been souls of past lives who had been greedy, or who did nothing to help their neighbours and who were indeed sent back to this dimension to pay off their due karma created by their past greed.  I understood now what that man meant.  However, I could not understand why he didn’t see that if such greed is allowed to continue then it will always be that way, for that is the flow of life.

What I still cease to understand is why the religious organisations of today that makes millions of dollars or pounds or whatever currencies out of their followers do not help more than they do.  Surely the life of a human is worth caring for more than an expensive piece of art to hang in say, a Vatican City building, or as is mostly the case, shut up in the basement where no one can even appreciate the work. 

One of the commandments of Jesus is: 'don't collect treasures on earth, think of them for heaven...where your treasures are, there also will be your heart'.  This commandment in itself makes me wonder about the true virtues of the administrators of such religious organisations who are extremely wealthy land owners.  Why is it that these religious organisations aren't putting up buildings to help house the homeless, cold and needy or at least providing further education for those people who need to be taught the 'good and truth' of life.

I might also add, for those sceptics, that I am fully aware that no one in this World is perfect, if they were they would not be here for we are all here to learn to become more 'constructive to progress spiritually' than we are so that we may attain the 'perfect' state of what is called by those in this physical plane ‘heaven’ without being cast down time and time again, physically or spiritually or both, and that includes those that get the calling to serve GOD in a building of whatever name they call the building, a Church or Temple, and whatever denomination they choose to teach their dogma.  The ‘only true Temple’ is the body that carries the spirit of those having a ‘physical experience’ not some building of brick and concrete.

The morals and virtues of this 'physical' plane of this World certainly make me wonder.

The following sections, to be uploaded in due course, are pertaining to works that were written through me as a teenager, they are then followed by works written since and over periods of years.