Saturday, June 8, 2013

HISTORY OF MUSIC (Channel Writing taken down in 1966 at age 14 years)

Sound: Music, rhythm, is what we are in perpetual motion within the ethers of life.  It is a governing vibration of the Universe.  It is part of the mathematical equation of waves of energy and is what differentiates one animal from another including humankind.

When humans act, such as think, speak or any other action, they create vibration.  Some are attuned not to hear that music every time they speak and their thoughts come out in words.  It is vibration that lifts the spirit out of the physical body after death or during meditation or dream states.

The closest that most humans can hear of the music of the heavenly realms is through a musical instrument; a harp, piano, guitar etc., unless very enlightened and attuned to the universe through understanding with good deeds, faith and truth.  Faith meaning connection to their higher spirit that sits in the ethers above their ‘physical body’ and is contacted through the heart centre.  Bodily instruments create vibration when a human does any action; walks, talks, thinks and a myriad of other actions including movements towards others in deeds done, good or bad. 

Some animals demonstrate this when they get out of the way of an approaching human or other beast before the one approaching has come into their view, some can hear, and feel, from great distances the sound vibrations of another approaching.

Some humans say that when they lovingly kiss another they hear music.  Indeed they can.  It’s the vibration created when their energies connect and they are lifted slightly higher in their emotional state through the vibration created by the energy of love felt between their physical sensations – this is often true for those that have had a connection in other planes, realms of life, and are part of the same constructive purpose for their being.  Such sensations are also felt in the spiritual realms when those returned from physical experiences are in spiritual body however they do not need to kiss, or touch, to feel such sensations as their feelings are emitted as vibration to each other just as thoughts are emitted via telepathy.
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