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We all dream, whether during sleep or by day-dreaming during a boring school class, a recital or any other event of which we wished we were not at.

Some dismiss dreams as nothing but a play on the conscious mind.  However, to me, they are more than that.  Dreams are an area of 'inner sanction' for learning. They can be good or they can be bad (nightmares). They are our connection to the Great Spirit known as GOD among many other names. I find that if they are good then it is through my spirit connection of Faith with GOD, who leads me.  If they are bad then I usually find they are from myself, concocted from something I had thought about just before I went to sleep.  That is why the last thing I do at night, most of the time, is say a prayer.  I like to keep ‘faith’ connection to our Creator, GOD, as well as to my ancestors that dwell in the spirit realms.

I can hear the moans and groans now as people say 'not another religious nut'.  Firstly, let me say that I am not a 'religious nut'.  It is true, I do believe in GOD but I do not bombard everyone I meet with such devotion to my beliefs.  My motto is 'each to his own'.  Besides, the religion of this society seems to have lost its glory as it has become far too commercial for its own good or for that of others, which in itself may be a Blessing.  This is not to say that some people do not need it, for many do to show their form of what they believe to be ‘faith’.  What I don't like about religion today is that those organisations who propose to be 'good' seem to make an awful lot of money out of their followers and yet do not seem to put any of that money gathered from their followers to work to help those followers, or others, in need in any real constructive way for progress of the spirit within their followers. 

Sure some religious organisations give a percentage of their intake but it is usually only a small percentage whilst taking the majority of the profits to 'overly' enhance their own lifestyles and to be able to continue their showy pageantry in all it’s ‘pomp and grandeur’, at the expense of those who give over their hard earned cash.  An example of this was at a dinner party one night with one of the guests being a visiting Bishop from Vatican City.  As I sat next to this man at dinner listening to his stories of his lifestyle I was totally disgusted.  Firstly I thought that priests, especially those in the Vatican, did not drink, smoke or engage in sex.  Well this fellow certainly put me straight about that.  He enjoyed a lifestyle involving them all.  His holidays were taken in South America where he stayed in a Vatican supplied apartment along with his South American lover, or, in a Vatican supplied apartment in South France with his French lover.  I was absolutely flabbergasted.  Here I was a 28 years old woman who had always held such people in high regard for their way of life only to discover that I had been wrong about them all along. I was amused at first then that amusement grew to anger as I realised how little of people's money is actually given back to the people in their time of need as opposed to how much actually gets used to allow such rogues as this priest to have such an indulgent lifestyle at the expense of others.  Particularly with so many starving and homeless people in this World.  Now I’m not a Catholic so maybe those of that chosen denomination are forgiving of such behaviour from one of their own but I am a 'spiritual' human and do realise when wrongs are being done.  This man’s answer to his behaviour when I mentioned his hypocrisy of preaching one thing to his flock such as the sin of sex outside of marriage then doing it himself was that he was ‘only human’.  My thoughts at such an admission was he took a vow to be chaste and serve only God yet here he was servicing two women in opposite sides of the world.  Not only was he cheating God, he was cheating both women!   

Now I am fully aware that some will say 'but those in need still have to learn their lessons'.  This may be true but at the same time I will say; 'yes, and those in greed still have a lot to learn too'.

When I turn on the television or read a newspaper and see the plight of the millions in third world countries in need I generally turn off the television or fling the newspaper aside in disgust.

I had a man in my life once that asked me 'what would you do if I gave you a million dollars?'  I thought about his question and replied 'I would keep a quarter of it to buy a house to live in, invest a little and would give the remaining three quarters to the needy'.  He looked at me smiled and said 'then I shall give you not one dime of mine'.  I smiled and asked him 'why?'  He said 'if those people are in that situation it may be because they deserve that situation from something they have done in the past'.  I thought about what he had said for some time.  I didn’t know if what he said was right or wrong.  I do know that GOD is forgiving of past sin but I also knew what this man said was true to some degree.  I know that charity, being Love, was a far greater gift for humans to give than money.  I did feel annoyed however that the churches didn’t seem to give a hoot about these people as far as even feeding the hungry properly.  They may well have done something bad in the past to warrant where they were now placed in this incarnation but it was still a duty to GOD to be kind, generous and understanding to such people as a way to show them the good and right way to live.  Then maybe they will come to learn by their past errors.  As the saying goes; ‘love they neighbour as thyself’ because who knows one day we may end up having such an experience of a lesson to learn within another physical life if we are reborn, or if perchance we venture onto the wrong road in this physical life, or a repercussion of the wrongs done when we pass through the door of ‘physical’ death from this physical plane to a low spiritual realm of which will have to be faced and rectified before being able to advance into a higher spiritual realm for further lessons on the process of life.

As I grew up I realised what charity really means.  I had always thought of it as 'money' but in actuality it is more than mere money.  Charity as explained in the Webster’s Dictionary as; 'love, kindness, disposition to think kindly of others, practical kindliness, alms-giving.'   Alms-giving got me so I looked it up; 'gifts to the poor'.  Money does not even come into it.  Then I thought about it more.

I now know that if that man were to ask me again what I would do with a million dollars, I would answer differently.  I would now say 'I would keep a quarter of it to buy a house to live in, invest a little and I would keep the remaining three quarters in trust to help the needy' as I realised that the needy would not know what to do with money in such a way as to help themselves out of their dilemma.  The only way to help those people out of their dilemma is to educate them on how to live properly for they may well have been souls of past lives who had been greedy, or who did nothing to help their neighbours and who were indeed sent back to this dimension to pay off their due karma created by their past greed.  I understood now what that man meant.  However, I could not understand why he didn’t see that if such greed is allowed to continue then it will always be that way, for that is the flow of life.

What I still cease to understand is why the religious organisations of today that makes millions of dollars or pounds or whatever currencies out of their followers do not help more than they do.  Surely the life of a human is worth caring for more than an expensive piece of art to hang in say, a Vatican City building, or as is mostly the case, shut up in the basement where no one can even appreciate the work. 

One of the commandments of Jesus is: 'don't collect treasures on earth, think of them for heaven...where your treasures are, there also will be your heart'.  This commandment in itself makes me wonder about the true virtues of the administrators of such religious organisations who are extremely wealthy land owners.  Why is it that these religious organisations aren't putting up buildings to help house the homeless, cold and needy or at least providing further education for those people who need to be taught the 'good and truth' of life.

I might also add, for those sceptics, that I am fully aware that no one in this World is perfect, if they were they would not be here for we are all here to learn to become more 'constructive to progress spiritually' than we are so that we may attain the 'perfect' state of what is called by those in this physical plane ‘heaven’ without being cast down time and time again, physically or spiritually or both, and that includes those that get the calling to serve GOD in a building of whatever name they call the building, a Church or Temple, and whatever denomination they choose to teach their dogma.  The ‘only true Temple’ is the body that carries the spirit of those having a ‘physical experience’ not some building of brick and concrete.

The morals and virtues of this 'physical' plane of this World certainly make me wonder.

The following sections, to be uploaded in due course, are pertaining to works that were written through me as a teenager, they are then followed by works written since and over periods of years.
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