Friday, June 14, 2013

HISTORY OF WORDS (Channel Writing taken down 1965 at age 13 years)

All words have sound vibration along with meaning.  Some words can be broken down to indicate where their meanings originate e.g.:  LOVE; Loyalty OVirtue (goodness with consideration and appreciation of others) Eternally.

Words used by ancient and early civilisations, have significant inner meanings.

The Bible is the 'Word' of GOD and the sayings therein are written in metaphors, of which people have to come to understand in the correct meaning.  Such sayings are written in such a way for people to read again and again to learn the teachings of the sayings.  By reading them over time again the rules are embellished in one's mind and hopefully one will follow the laws therein for a greater understanding of life and particularly for the spiritual aspect of life, along with the Laws of GOD and the teachings of Jesus to be followed to attain the eternal life in spirit with good service to others; the Law of Love. 

Lessons are taken, and hopefully learnt, not only from the Bible or the Koran or any other such book but are mainly from experiences in physical life.  With faith, meaning connection to your higher spirit also known as the Holy Spirit, and belief in GOD – your source energy of which everything and everyone is an atom of - further spiritual lessons are learnt from ‘within’ one’s self through the spiritual connection. To ask Jesus or Mohammed or any other Master from within oneself for the understanding of the sayings in such books is also recommended as those great masters are still living in the higher spiritual realms and can and do hear your questions when they are applied with heart felt intention.  They will send an answer to your questions but it is up to you to listen for those answers with patience.  Sometimes answers don’t come in words internally either, they can come in signs outwardly expressed in the physical world and can even be given to you by complete strangers who may say something to you in passing when one has an in-depth feeling for a question that needs an answer. Pray to GOD, seek an answer and you are given an answer that satisfies your logical reasoning.  If, however, the answer given does not resonate to your reasoning then dismiss it as there are negative forces in spirit that have not yet learnt their lessons that can influence you in the wrong direction, or decision. The choice is yours as to the path you follow – good, or bad.  Good being constructive for progress of your spiritual learning and therefore advancement and bad being destructive to your spiritual learning resulting in non-advancement which could progress you to even lower realms instead of higher realms as good will reward you with advancement whereas bad won’t – you will be stuck in the lower realm until you learn better ways of thought.

Words are to be used carefully.  They are the result of translated thought.  If the thought is good and if one thinks before they speak with consideration for others then the words can be helpful to the advancement of another.  But it goes both ways.  If the thought is bad and if one does not think before they speak, or are totally ignorant, then the words are bad which could be an eruption point for violence, rudeness or offence.  This is also true for whatever is written as it states in Revolutions at the end of the bible: It Is As Is Written, doesn’t just mean the bible is as is written it also means whatever is written can, and will, eventually come to be as writing is an action which creates vibration and nature returns vibrations to the original point of creation as vibrations are seen as desires.  For proof of that fact you’ve only got to look at movies that have been written over the decades based on destruction and devastation and recall the destruction and devastation that has taken place in this world over the past few years.  All nature, which includes humans, works in conjunction.  It is the ‘As You Give So Shall You Receive’ metaphor so as you give out in energy you receive back in energy in like manner.  Give out destructive vibration in any form of action and that is what is received back.
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