Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HISTORY OF ART (Channel Writing taken down in 1965 at age 13 years)

We are all a piece of Art.  A living, breathing piece of Art although not art in its 'near' perfect state.  When one usually talks of Art they are referring to a painting, a sculpture, a writing etc.  However, people tend to overlook that they are a work of Art by the mere fact that they are a creation: a ‘physical being’. 

Humans tend to take it for granted that they are ‘just’ humans however the cathedrals of art inside each and every one is more precious than all the 'material' artworks of the ‘outside’ World.

Life is an art.  It’s certainly true that the 'art of life' is sometimes difficult.  It‘s as difficult or as easy as what each and every one wants to make it.  A plumber is an artist in that he knows the art of plumbing.  A builder is an artist in that he knows the art of building and so the list goes on. Everyone that does anything is doing it out of the ‘Art of Knowing’ about their chosen field, their chosen ‘purpose’ for the constructive progression of life, be it physical, or spiritual.

The art of knowing comes from the education of learning and the education of learning comes from the ability to connect to whatever degree of understanding that you are on the level of learning.

The art of understanding comes from the powers within each and everyone when they are connected to the Great Spirit from within their heart that dwells in the temple of their very being, the physical body of matter which is their flesh and blood body, as well as in their spiritual body of light.

Everyone is of equal ability to learn from within if they so choose and it does not cost a penny, cent, dime or any other monetary unit.  For as it is written; 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to get to heaven'.  That is because money cannot buy anyone's way into what human’s call ‘heaven’. This does not mean to say that if a man is rich he will never get to ‘heaven’ because if that rich man has remained spiritually connected to God by good service to God and thereby to others with truth, and faith by continued connection then he certainly will get to what he, or she, believes is ‘heaven’ if followed the rules, the Law of GOD.  This is equally true for the poor as ALL are equal in spirit regardless of colour, race and religious denomination, rich or poor.  God does not test on those ‘material’ matters.  Judgement is of the spirit, and character, alone.
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