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That means that if you mistreated someone then you will be mistreated in the same way as you mistreated another in the first place – not necessarily in this life but it will come back upon the perpetrator/s at some stage of their eternal existence.  In the spiritual realms it comes back to you through your spiritual conscience as guilt and keeps you in the lower realms until you can process your wrong doing and accept you did wrong which then brings on feelings of remorse for your wrongdoings.  Those emotions then have to be released before you can move forward.

It is all to do with the energy of not only this world but of the universe and no one can escape that energy.

It is the action and thought you put out that you receive back as the reaction of your own actions.  This universe, which includes this planet ‘earth’ has many laws, one being the law of cause & effect which is what the above saying refers to, as do the sayings: ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ and ‘As you judge, so shall you be judged’ and ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ etc.

So if you want a good life not only in this world but also after you pass through the veil into the next on your eternal journey then give out good in the first place.

Otherwise don’t whinge when what you do comes back upon you in the same manner because you did it to yourself by your own actions.

Wake up and learn about life for that is what you are all here to do in this physical world.

All should aim towards making this world the peaceful place it could be and extend that knowledge to everyone in this world who appears to be heading towards the making of their own self-destruction and therefore madness by such lack of god given knowledge that is being shown presently not only by the youths of this world but also the elders and those supposedly governing this world including those teaching religions of all denominations who also seem to be lost sheep preaching but not knowing what they are preaching about due to misunderstanding the earlier words of wisdom left for guidance.

“War begets war
Peace begets peace”

Humans in this world have had over 2,000 years to learn that fact and yet they still don’t seem to understand what it means.  They seem to think that God will forgive them all their sins.  God will forgive them but God also knows that their own conscience won’t and can’t as their guilt of wrongdoings is carried with them on their energy line from physical life back to the spiritual and that guilt has to be eliminated from their energy line before they can advance to higher spiritual realms that they desire and until guilt and other negative emotions are eliminated they will be stuck in their own self made hells of the actions they committed while in their physical body.

To advance to higher spiritual realms – known as heavenly realms – one must have ‘clean mind nature’ as God does not judge the personality or well done deeds or the amount of money one has or makes of each returning spirit, God judges each spirit’s inner nature.  ‘Clean mind nature’ means no wrongdoings in action such as killing for any reason whatsoever and including thought such as thinking badly and wanting to harm another.

As a note to the humans of this world, God has no set religious denomination or race as God just is.  It is humans over the eons that invented through their own egoistic desires the various denominations that have split the human race with conflicts for millenniums.  In the spiritual realms there are no religious organisations or races as all are just spirit of the one God, the source energy of being.

If human’s want heaven on earth then they must learn what heaven is and how to attain that conscious way of being, which is described above – by ‘clean mind nature’ – otherwise they will never attain that way of being, they will just keep returning themselves to their own loops of being stuck in their own self made hells due to their actions not God’s as God gave everyone ‘freedom of choice’ and that choice is how you apply yourself to the lessons you learn in this physical world. If you choose to go along with the doctrines, creeds and dogma of others which cause conflict upon your soul you still carry the guilt of that choice if it causes harm to yourself and others as you chose to go along the path of another’s ways and thereby chose to ‘bear false witness’ – lie – to yourself by ignoring your own inner knowledge.  Your own laziness by not thinking for yourself and listening to your own higher spirit led you to your own self destruction.
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