Sunday, July 21, 2013


Everything, which includes everybody and every single thing including the lower animal kingdom and flora, is clean and clear pure energy that sees itself, through the belief of being, as solid.

Every thought and idea that is sub-consciously within, or inflicted to within from outside forces such as TV, movies, videos and other such forms of media, is collected into the energy force and carried forth into the collective energy field where it then travels as vibration until it, the idea or thought, is acted upon by a collecting agent, a person, who then enacts the deed of such idea or thought.  Some people do such acts unknowingly as they do not stop to think where such an idea, a thought, has come from, and therefore they just act it out without the common sense of thinking what they are about to do.  Those that mostly don’t use their common sense are not in their right frame of mind usually from the intoxication of either alcohol or illegal, and legal, drugs which has numbed their ability to use their brain in the proper manner, as a tool to digest and analyse the incoming information of an idea or thought which aids in their decision of performing a deed, and of whether to take such action or dispel it.

Therefore all thought of each and everyone, all written material of each and everyone, all ideas of each and everyone should be kept pure, clean and non-violent, as eventually such action of idea, thought or writing, since they are actions containing vibrations, come to be at some stage of the evolutional journey.  And, it does not necessarily rest upon the person who had the idea, thought or wrote the words in the first place.  Such energy of the actions of ideas, thoughts and writing contain a vibration since it is something that is done and as such it travels in the collective energy fields of this physical plane so that the initial one doing such action might not act upon their idea, thought or writing however it travels out of the initial receptor and eventually is collected by another receptor – a human, who will act upon such idea or thought if they give no analyses to the incoming vibration containing the initial ideas or thoughts.

The above insight is nothing new.  It is information that has been in this world for over two thousand years. It has been written in various ways to communicate the knowledge to all people of every denomination and culture.  It is stated in the old saying of: As you give so shall you receive, and As you sow, so shall you reap and the many other various metaphors explaining the physics of the process of life based upon how the energies in this world work.

It is of no use whatsoever for people to blame God for the actions that take place in this world as it is not God that is causing the chaos.  It is the atoms of God, the people that inhabit this world, who don’t bother to get to know what the process of life is and how this physical life functions, and is the reason of why there is so much destruction of chaos: killing, rape, robbery, addictions and wars, in this world.

 - C J Lewis, Sydney, 2012

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