Monday, July 1, 2013

REINCARNATION (Channel Writing taken down 1967)

Physicality is a state where spirit is born into flesh for the applying and learning in the ‘physical realm’ for lessons to be learnt which are of great importance in the spiritual realms. When Jesus walked this earth he gave humans the insight to the reality of eternal life, through his knowledge of ‘transfiguring’ – the transferring of energy from one realm to another, and was thereby able to come ‘across’ from the spiritual realm to the physical plane so as to show that death of the physical was not the end of life, it is just the end of that ‘physical body life’.

In the spiritual realm, of which there are many, one has memory of their physical body and therefore appears in their spirit body as they did in physicality with slight alterations.  If one had lost a limb in the physical body they will appear with all their limbs in the spiritual body as memory does not register lost limbs, blindness or deafness.  They may be taller or shorter or whatever according to their 'Will'.  However, if their vanity is over the top showing forms of 'vain glorious' tendencies or they want to look like an idol then they will be cast down to a lower level of spiritual realm to learn further lessons before they can advance to a higher spiritual realm. 

The words that should be used in such circumstances of re-entering the physical world are reborn or re-birthed.  Some humans throughout time have had rebirths back to the physical world of which they are not even aware. There are some humans in this World today who are reborn from the Ancients of Millenniums past that have lived in this physical realm thousands of years ago.  And some who may appear human are in spirit body transferring their energy through the ‘veil’, these are those that have reached the attainment of ‘eternal’ life and are not born by ways of a parent but simply are. As they have come from higher spiritual realms and have learnt the art of ‘energy transference’ as Jesus did when he appeared to the physical world after his earthly ‘physical’ death.

It is impossible to be ‘reincarnated’ back into the physical world exactly as one may have been when previously experiencing the physical life as to do that they would need the exact same parents, to be conceived at the exact same time and in the exact same environment as previously.  Time, however, does not go backwards nor is life re-created in the exact same way. 

As stated in the Bible, there is a second death.  How can one have a second death without a second life? 

The first death is from spirit to physical.  The second death is from physical back to spirit.
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